Why Cervais

Cervais is transforming the way the world thinks about security.

Designed with an edge processing security architecture that offers complete protection through modular endpoint protection capabilities, redundant internet failover connectivity, and highspeed redundant network storage, D-RISK Mobile delivers the next generation of on-the-go cyber protection in the palm of your hand.

D-Risk Mobile
Enterprise-grade security

Back-office cybersecurity processing is taken to the edge, in the palm of your hand. D-RISK Mobile provides real-time traffic and device analysis, a machine learning-based Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS), vulnerability scanning, and web filtering.

Military Grade Encryption

Users can select between multiples levels of encryption key strenghts that leverage an onboard security chip and quantum technology. Unhackable, unbreakable and untraceable.

portable network storage

Connect encrypted, highspeed external storage for a cloud storage alternative. Up to 8TB highspeed M.2 drives can be shared with Circle of Trust members and controlled with file/folder access permissions.

Remote workforce connectivity

Small, portable security for remote and traveling workers. Backup existing Internet Service Provider connections with Cat6 4G LTE redundancy failover, with up to 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds.

Circle of Trust ecosystem

Peer-to-peer architecture based on a Zero Trust Framework that provides unparalleled security and data communication protection between trusted contacts.

dynamic cellular optimization

Say good-bye to roaming contracts. Businesses deserve the best of the best connectivity. Automatically leverage the strongest tower signal, anywhere in North America.