Cervais D-RISK Mobile® incorporates best-in-breed security mechanisms to provide a “defense-in-depth” approach to protect user endpoint devices. D-RISK Mobile provides the capabilities to not only detect and defend against advanced attacks, but also to simplify the complexity of achieving complete device protection for consumers and organizations alike.

Data Protection – Anytime, Anywhere, Cervais has You Covered

See how Cervais is transforming the Internet of Things security market through its innovative D-RISK Mobile solution.


Complete Data Protection for the IoT

  • Uses an Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) system – all delivered via a small and compact mobile solution.
  • Pushes the cybersecurity frontier by protecting all IoT endpoints.
  • Delivers the flexibility and security to be utilized anywhere in the world.
  • Provides for secure Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Transit and edge computing protection.

Device Management at Your Fingertips

  • Intuitive dashboard for managing endpoint devices
  • Easily determine device parameters such as OS, Firmware, MAC, etc.
  • Customizable bandwidth allocation for endpoint devices
  • Role-based access control allows administrators to permit or restrict device

Why Choose D-RISK Mobile?

No other product in its class provides a more powerful solution for providing complete endpoint protection. Check out the benefits

Simplify IoT Device Protection

Defend against cyber threats and attacks via predictive analytics to monitor and detect anomalies from all inbound and outbound attack vectors

Portable and Compact

A portable device that employs the most advanced data forensics detection and monitoring techniques available

AI Insights

By using the power of machine learning, identify, authenticate, and protect user endpoint devices wherever the user may be, anywhere in the world

Private Communications

Circles of Trust® (CoT) can be created to provide unparalleled security to protect endpoint devices and their data communications over exploited and untrusted networks

Asset Management

D-RISK Mobile enables seamless, device management allowing you to maintain complete control of how your endpoint devices are protected.

Vulnerability Analysis

Assess, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities before risk increases.

Advanced Encryption

Provides for secure Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Transit, and edge computing protection.


Successfully answers the IoT security challenge in a scalable, fast, and cost-effective manner