About Cervais

Cervais is a premier, innovative provider of
world-class IT security products and systems

Cervais stands apart.

At Cervais we believe that the commitment of our people and the talent, combined with the agility afforded by the size of our organization, enable us to deliver security solutions that enable organizations to manage risk, reduce threats and enforce compliance with security policies and regulations.

Like many industries, the cyber-security field is rife with companies and products that
claim they offer certain functionalities and capabilities, but somehow actual delivery falls short. This is especially true in the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses and organizations routinely invest a great deal of money in multiple security products to try to bridge the gaps, however attacks continue to happen, costing businesses and consumers thousands if no millions of dollars. Cervais’ founder, Dr. James Austin, began to address these shortfalls while researching his doctoral thesis.

Dr. Austin had a desire to change the way we address security in general. He saw the
need to be more proactive in defense, addressing and preventing attacks and threats
early in the process instead of reacting to an exploit after it already occurred. Remediation is more costly in many circumstances than prevention, and it is that core premise that led to the development of D-Risk Enterprise and D-Risk Mobile Data Protector.

Whether you’re a small business looking to protect local resources, or a Fortune 500
enterprise needing comprehensive security management solutions, we are here to help.

Our Executive Team


Dr. James Austin is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cervais Inc. Dr. Austin is responsible for developing innovative emergent technology solutions that successfully answer the security challenges that exist with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. He is the creative visionary behind ideation and product strategy of cutting-edge endpoint security and data protection products, D-RISK Enterprise and
D-RISK Mobile, which provides a solid and secure defense against the exploitation of the Internet of Things devices.

As an accomplished cybersecurity executive, Dr. Austin is responsible for overseeing the vision and strategic priorities of the business, while continually setting the bar to maximize growth, and performance.

Widely respected for his vision and strategic thinking, James has anticipated the transformation of endpoint security in leveling the playing field against would be hackers to protect organizations and consumers world-wide. By constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, James has been instrumental in shaping and developing Cervais’ cybersecurity posture. Coupled with intelligence and deep industry experience, James is empowering the industry to embrace proactive defense solutions.

Prior to Cervais, Dr. Austin’s career spans 25-year history in information technology as a cybersecurity and risk expert consultant leading
security program initiatives across federal agencies to include US Postal Service, Navy, Department of Veterans Affairs, Federal Railroad
Administration, (FRA) Department of Labor, NOAA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Dr. Austin obtained his doctorate in Information Assurance from the University of Fairfax, Masters from the University of Fairfax, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Florida A&M University. James leads with unwavering faith and a resolute commitment to securing the Internet of Things by driving the innovation and technology to protect consumers and organizations from cyber threats.


Lori Marcum is the Chief Financial Officer for Cervais, charged with ensuring the overall financial health and stability of the company. In this capacity, she contributes to and helps focus the strategic planning objectives to build value within the company, and spearheads the financial strategy for Cervais to align with overall business objectives, including playing a key role to ensure the company grows profitably while
maintaining the ability to invest in future growth.

Lori is a seasoned CFO who has a long and successful record of leadership, innovation, and effectiveness in rapidly growing service and product-based organizations in both commercial and government contracting environments. For over 30 years, Lori has provided her expertise to technology companies in many diverse situations including both large publicly-traded corporations and small/startup enterprises; both manufacturing and services/software organizations; both as successful companies and during times of acquisition integration and operational

In recent years, her particular emphasis has been on establishing and improving financial processes, cost, and support infrastructures and
competitiveness for a diverse group of private and publicly-traded organizations while ensuring compliance with CAS/FAR, DFAR, and
GAAP/IFRS requirements.

At Cervais, Lori oversees financial planning and analysis, accounting and financial reporting, banking relationships, contracts administration,
legal affairs, audits, human resource management, and investor relations. Lori brings to a Cervais a rich history of financial leadership, corporate governance, compliance, and internal control.

Lori holds a B.S., Accounting from the distinguished University of Delaware and an M.B.A. from the esteemed Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a C.P.A. in the District of Columbia and is the recipient of the C.M.A. designation.


Tony Salman serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for Cervais, where he is responsible for leading efforts to position Cervais in acquiring new business development opportunities through branding, marketing, strategic partnerships.

As a seasoned executive, Tony develops and executes campaigns, to successfully penetrate and accelerate the company’s footprint in the enterprise and consumer markets. He has crafted the pricing strategy, forecast volume, profitability at various price points for Cervais’ D-RISK A mobile device, and developed a distribution strategy leveraging MSPs, VARs, and channel partners.

Tony is a rare talent that brings together unparalleled value with a unique blend of technical engineering and marketing expertise to spearhead product design, product positioning while driving revenue targets. Tony has acquired expertise in multiple disciplines to include finance, software, cybersecurity, automation, IoT, smart grid cities, web development, over a vast 18-year career in the electrical utility and industrial industries.

Tony has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Ohio State. Tony applies a consultative approach in solving customer problems, and he is passionate about architecting solutions to overcome any challenge.


Janelin Johnson is one of the four Founders of Cervais Inc., where she also holds the executive position as Chief Operating Officer. As an exceptionally strategic and dedicated leader, Janelin brings 25+ years of business expertise to Cervais, spearheading the optimization and sustainability of internal operations.

Additionally, Janelin oversees and manages the strategic processes related to scaling operations. She accomplishes this by directing teams on how to work through cross-functional initiatives to stimulate company growth, while simultaneously, upholding a company standard of providing top quality services to customers.

Her successful strategic and tactical leadership experience encompasses a broad spectrum of IT initiatives across both federal government and commercial markets, including healthcare, telecommunications, financial, and aviation. With her specialized focus in Healthcare IT, she has led the adoption, coordination, and implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and TeleHealth programs, in support of enhanced delivery of virtual care solutions.

Janelin holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the notable University of Maryland Global Campus, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the distinguished Tulane University.

Janelin leads with a passion for exceeding customer expectations, relentless pursuit of continuous process improvements, and keenness for developing talent, steadfast commitment to excellence, and desire to be a source of support wherever she finds herself.


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