Cervais stands apart.

At Cervais we believe that the commitment of our people and the talent, combined with the agility afforded by the size of our organization, enable us to deliver security solutions that allow organizations to manage risk, reduce threats and enforce compliance with security policies and regulations.

Like many industries, the cyber-security field is rife with companies and products that claim they offer certain functionalities and capabilities, but somehow actual delivery falls short. This is especially true with the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses and organizations routinely invest a great deal of money in multiple security products to try to bridge the gaps, however, attacks continue to happen, costing businesses and consumers thousands if not millions of dollars. Cervais’ founder, Dr. James Austin, began to address these shortfalls while researching his doctoral thesis.

Dr. Austin had a desire to change the way we address security in general. He saw the need to be more proactive in defense, addressing, and preventing attacks and threats early in the process instead of reacting to an exploit after it already occurred.

Remediation is more costly in many circumstances than prevention, and it is that core premise that led to the development of the ARMIA platform.

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