Comprehensive CyberSecurity for Critical Infrastructure and Industrial IoT

Risk Management AI Powered Threat Protection Real Time Monitoring and Alerts Behavior Based Analysis Data Loss Prevention Automated Incident Response

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Improve Work Safety

Quickly detect anomalies and security breaches, enabling rapid incident response. This capability improves work safety by preventing unauthorized access to critical infrastructure components.

Reduce Incident Response Time

Anticipating potential threats and vulnerabilities allows organizations to take proactive measures to prevent security incidents and enhance overall work safety by reducing tunexpected security breaches.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities support data-driven decisions to optimize processes, resource allocation and overall efficiency.

Data Loss Prevention

Only authorized personnel can access specific data and functions. Restricting access to sensitive data minimizes the risk of data loss due to unauthorized access.

Orchestrating Endpoint Security at Scale

Endpoint Security for a Connected World

Cybersecurity Beyond Boundaries

With Cylenium, you gain the insights needed to make proactive decisions and safeguard your infrastructure from evolving threats, all in real-time.

Advanced Cybersecurity

AI-Powered Protection

Robust Defense

Real-time Threat Detection

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Risk Management and Intrusion Analysis for Industrial Control Systems

At Cervais, we believe that protecting critical assets from the ever-evolving threat landscape is our number one priority. ARMIA-ICS™ blends Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Anomaly Detection, Threat Intelligence Integration and Efficient Incident Response, all orchestrated into pro-active threat management strategies.

Focusing on protecting endpoint devices, ARMIA-ICS, through our Secured Gateway (SG-X) software and the Cylenium management platform, extends network protection to its edge, reducing threat exposure.

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